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P&Y Mobile Wash has 12 years experience specializing in dry ice blasting technology, high pressure cleaning, environmental remediation, and bird control.

Dry ice blasting is an efficient cleaning process that eliminates secondary wastes. It has been developed as a clean and safe alternative to sand blasting, bead blasting, and soda blasting.

This technology reduces manual labor and eliminates chemical usage

JDP Solutions

JDP Solutions is our extension into Central Texas, offering the same services and expertise.

Our services and expertise ensures:

- Reduced cleaning time = more profitability
- Less time and waste = increased production and profitability
- Increased safety and effectiveness = more profitability

Who uses Dry Ice Blasting?

-Aerospace -Food Processing -Printing coldjet
-Automotive -Foundry -Restoration
-Contract Cleaning -Manufacturing -Rubber & Plastics
-Disaster Remediation -Packaging -Textiles and Wood
-Electronics -Power Generation -Utilities








Our Customers

"P&Y Mobile Wash helps keep our lube centers clean while maintaining the utmost professionalism. They are truly a business partner to us."
-Mark Bochnowski, COO
Lube 'n Go, Inc., El Paso, TX

"Keeping our facilities clean gave us an edge over our competition. P&Y understood our business needs and helped us excel."
-Chris Anderson,
Director of Retail Operations
West TX, Southern NM Fuel Jobber

"P&Y Mobile Wash and Dry Ice Blast Division professionally cleaned our Detroit Broaching machine without any tear down time leaving it ready for service with no production loss. Dynamic Tool Company loves their good work and great prices!"
-Bob Schulz, Owner
Dynamic Tool Company

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